Usually associated with circuit training, High Internal Intensity Training, abbreviated as HIIT, is like crescendoing staccato notes upon a march, a punctuation along a hard to traverse path. However, it’s a myth that only the experienced athlete can participate in HIIT training. It’s true, the athlete shouldn’t push past a reasonable point, but a high-intensity interval may be included in any circuit. The HIIT can be modified for athletes of all levels.

High-Intensity Interval Training burns calories and increases endurance. Modern gyms are beginning to include a HIIT during a typical circuit, expectingly those who recognize the role oxygen plays in weight loss and muscle sculpting.

Circuit exercises are a form of high-intensity training. The circuit focuses on creating strength and endurance. An athlete completes the circuit upon finishing all prescribed exercises. The athlete should strive for balance during a circuit: an equal amount of time should be dedicated to each muscle group unless you are using the circuit to train for specific sports such as Discus.

Typically, the interval between exercises is brief. The athlete completes one set and begins the next, after a brief rest. High-Intensity Interval Training includes an additional element to the circuit – periods of aerobic high energy output.

How does the HIIT method burn calories and enhance endurance? A HIIT strength circuit begins with a warm-up and continues along the circuit into the HIIT phase. The HIIT phase – a high intensity interval training is an oxygen-consuming cardiovascular exercise. These 60-minute intervals are so intense the body continues to burn calories for 48 hours after completion of the circuit. High-intensity interval training episodes become more intense throughout the circuit as the reps increase and the athlete encounters heftier weights or objects that offer greater resistance.

For those looking to lose weight or tone muscle, a HIIT circuit is a superb option. High-Intensity Interval Training relies on Health Science’s newfound understanding of the role oxygen plays in weight loss and sculpting mass. Moreover, HIIT sessions continue to burn calories well after the session is complete.

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