Upon a bygone era, fasting was commonplace among ascetics: the devout hidden in cloisters and obscure wandering holy men. These men of devotion practiced Intermittent Fasting, abstaining from food consumption for a specified length of time to reach a goal. Moreover, fasting has achieved the status of perennial eating pattern – a fad that comes and goes with available resources and the era’s zeitgeist. Fasting was practiced throughout Human evolution.

Currently, Intermittent Fasting, referred to as IF, is consuming popular culture – excuse the pun. Intermediate fast is quickly becoming one of the World’s most popular health and fitness fads, or more accurately, perennial eating pattern.

You may wonder, with all the technological advances in weight-loss, VO2 Max and space-age scales, where does this seemingly archaic diet method find a home in this contemporary world? Athletes are deploying this technique to lose weight, improve health and simplify life. – among these days of chaos and technologist’s expanding grip upon us, we all need a little simplification. Additionally, the diet is known to be effective, it’s linked to our shared ancestors.

Intermediate fasting is a diet that cycles between periods of fasting and consuming. The IF diet is unique among weight-loss methods, it doesn’t provide a list of foods to eat and those to avoid, it merely suggests when to and not to eat. Conventionally, intermediate fasting isn’t a diet; it’s a pattern of eating. Commonly, those who adhere to the IF diet fast for 16 hours a day or 24 hours twice a week – no sneaking in a snack!

While fasting, changes occur on the cellular and molecular level. Among other changes, the body releases hormones that allow for burning stored fat. Moreover, fasting stimulates RNA: fragments of the DNA helix that initiate cellular repair. Many studies demonstrate the powerful effects IF may have on your body, brain, and well being.

Intermediate Fasting is a powerful weight-loss tool. This technique overhauls the release of hormone and insulin into the bloodstream. This overhaul allows for the burning of fat. Moreover, IF is most likely the eating pattern of our ancestors, those who roamed the Earth before the Paleolithic.

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