Becoming motivated to exercise is much like finding a muse, it’s personal and at times elusive. Many find motivation in a magazine’s glossy pictures of Ectomorphs (individuals who are genetically predetermined to become supermodels), a body type that may not be obtainable for everyone. Yet others are motived by something practical, longevity.

Health professionals agree that getting off the couch and going to the gym will extend life. It’s noted, in an article by CNN, that the average lifespan for healthy Americans is 78.6 years of age. However, states, those with a BMI above 40 are robbed of longevity and, on average, succumb to death’s grip 6 years prior to the national mean. Moreover, those with a BMI above 55 may forego 14 years of life to unhealthy habits. The promise of longevity and the unforgiving image in the mirror are immutable motivators.

Often comparing one’s reflection to a model is self-damaging, but it can be motivating. “I cut a picture from a magazine,” states an athlete, “and the Adonis-like figure gets me off the couch and to the gym.” Although this form of motivation, motivation via adoration, can be healthy in moderation, it warrants a few caveats, it may easily slip into a form of psychosis (Obsession or Anorexia). It’s important not to feel let down if you can’t obtain a supermodel’s body, some were born Endomorphs. Often Endomorphs possess a subcutaneous layer of yellow fat, the kind that protects from the cold.

Motivation to exercise, although often inspired by external stimuli, springs from an inner dialogue. Your inner voice may whisper “become healthier” or “lose weight.” Many times we ignore this inner voice rather than channel it.

Increasing endurance for sports motives professional and armature athletes alike. Whether your game is Bowling or Running, there’s only one way to improve it, increase your body’s ability to endure physical stress – weaklings don’t win tournaments. Those who win maintain a routine.

A cup of coffee is this Writer’s motivation to exercise. A simple reward for the output of energy may pull you from the couch as well. Jogging to the cafe, rather than driving or walking, to pick up a coffee burns calories, and a coffee awaits you. However, finding the motivation to exercise is personal and you must find what works best for you.

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